IPP’s and micro-grid development

Hybrid Microgrid Deployment in the Commercial and Industrial Sector

Enernet Global implements microgrids in the traditional off-grid sectors, such as remote communities and the mining sector.  In recent months the deployment of microgrid technology to grid connected clients in the commercial and industrial sectors is becoming more prevalent, as behind the meter solutions are offering cost effective solutions to traditional retailed energy services.

Commercial microgrids also offer enhanced energy services with increased levels of energy security and reliability and the prospect for seamless islanding where grids offer less than acceptable reliability.

Enernet will outline how the economics of solar PV and energy storage, and the integration of these systems into on-site load and demand management is driving a whole new class of renewable microgrids.


Simon Gamble
Chief Operating Officer, Enernet Global

Simon is chief operating office and Asia pacific managing director for Enernet Global. Simon was formely with Hydro Tasmania including roles as Manager, Hybrid Off-Grid Solutions and Project Director for the King island Renewable Energy Integration Project (KIREIP). Simon was awarded a 2010 Fulbright Academic Exchange Scholarship, having previously been acknowledged under the Australia Korea Foundation: Next Generation Leaders Program.

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