Wedding Decoration Rental Agreements

Chic Vintage Rentals understands that unforeseen problems or concerns may arise to cause a customer to interrupt, postpone or reschedule their special event. We strive to work with every customer to make this annoying process as professional and simple as possible. We strongly recommend that our customers re-focus their event on a “Like for Like” date; Rescheduling for a similar date, the day of the week and the same month of the original lease will not apply to the booking change fee. Uniquely Chic Vintage Rentals advises customers who require their event to be postponed or postponed to contact us immediately so that we can provide our customers with availability data in order to continue to execute their contract as planned. If a customer reschedules their event on a date when The professional services of Uniquely Chic Vintage Rentals are not housed or booked rentals are not available under the original rental agreement, Uniquely Chic Vintage Rentals is working with the customer on an alternative solution. However, under the company policy and the terms of the lease, no refund is given to a customer. The paid rental reservation can be applied to a new date of the event and the balance is not due. We understand that there are accidents. Please contact us immediately if an item is compromised in any way so that we can assess the damage. Our team will thoroughly review and document the entire rental inventory at the time of collection and inform the customer of damage, problems and additional costs. We need all porcelain, glassware, silverware, service, etc. to be professionally cleaned and disinfected after each use. All table rents must be cleaned without food, liquids, leftovers and allowed to pass through at the time of collection.

If these goods are not cleaned, a cleaning fee of $1.00 per item is charged. 11. The Client acknowledges that the rented apartment has a size, design and capacity chosen by the client and that Something Vintage Rentals, LLC, has not provided explicit or unspoken assurances, guarantees or obligations regarding the condition, quality, durability or adequacy of the property and has not entered into a declaration.


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